Governors’ Interests

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Name Name of Business
Including: ..governor elsewhere (please include school name) ..related / married to member of staff (please include staff name) ..employed at school
Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Mrs Diana Mills Nil         20.9.16
Mr Steve Bowyer Nil         20.9.16
Mrs Lisa Crosher Dynamic QS Ltd Building project development Director 1.12.2011   29.11.16
Mrs Sue Masters^ Employed at the school   Admin Asst 1.9.2014   20.9.16
Mr Darren Miller Nil         20.9.16
Mr Steve Smith# Nil         20.9.16
Mrs Paula Stopinski-Yaldren Nil         29.11.16
Mr Michael Snook* Employed at the school   Teacher 3.3.2014   20.9.16
Mr Will Lyon Employed at the school   Teacher 1.9.16   20.9.16
Mr Paul Bentley Nil         20.9.16
Mrs Kim Brown Employed at the school   HLTA 13.2.2000   20.9.16
Mrs Carole Fulford Nil         20.9.16
Mr David I’Anson Nil         20.9.16
Mr Andy Ray Andy Ray Developments Computer hardware and software design and development Owner 1.4.2008   20.9.16
Mrs Gill Rowe Nil         20.9.16
Mr Dave Brown Daughter employed at the school (Mrs R Czapp)         20.9.16
Mrs Elizabeth Carmichael P G Carmichael Ltd     Employed at the school Structural and architectural steel fabrications   Director     Admin Officer 1.6.1983     1.4.2003   20.9.16
Mrs Veronica Shaw* Employed at the school   Headteacher 1.9.2005   20.9.16
Mrs Tina Thomas Employed at the school   Headteacher 1.1.2017   5.1.2017

(*Resigned July 2016)

(#Resigned Sept 2016)

(^Term of office ended Nov 2016)