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Year 4 Climate Crisis Project

Year 4 have been learning about climate change across the Spring and Summer terms, through their English, science, PCSHE, art and geography lessons. In English we have read some brilliant books linked to the environment including:

‘Wilderness War’ by Julia Green

‘The Wild Robot Escapes’ by Peter Brown

‘Greenling’ by Levi Pinfold

‘The Flood’ by Alvaro F. Villa 

‘Poems from a Green and Blue Planet’ edited by Sabrina Mahfouz;

‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies

and ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King

and have written some fantastic pieces of work inspired by these.


Our science and PCSHE lessons have focused on what climate change is and the small changes we can all make to help the planet.  We watched clips from the WWF, beginning with this one on why we need ice.  It really helped us understand why we need to all think carefully about what we do, if we don’t want to have more extreme weather and the loss of certain species.


We then researched plastic and how much of it we use and then throw away, as well as the damage this causes the oceans and ultimately us.  In our research we found out some shocking things – did you know that an average human will eat over 40lbs of plastic in their lifetime!?  We have also thought about the impact we have on the world, through buying magazines that often have single-use plastics in, treats that come from all over the world and charging our gadgets more that we probably need to.


Our class motto throughout has been ‘What if everybody did that?’, thinking about the problems created if none of us cared about our planet but also the positive effect that can come about if all of us do little things every day to slow climate change.


We decided that our totem pole should have a background showing the sea, the land and then the sky. Everyone then chose something that stood out to them during the project and drew that onto a circle, each one representing our own little world.  These were then coloured in and added to the pole, to show all our worlds working alongside each other.  We think it looks amazing and eye-catching.  It is going to be on display outside Winchester Cathedral until 5th July and will then go on to be displayed at Hillier Gardens for a while before returning to school.