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Scantabout is very lucky to have a wide variety of instruments that the children can use to follow the music curriculum. We aim to make our lessons as practical as possible. This is achieved by giving the children the opportunity to listen, compose, perform and appraise music from various cultures and periods of time. We provide a variety of opportunities for children to share their music-making from assemblies to Christmas performances.


Additionally we offer our children the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments. In Key Stage 1 this takes the form of whole class recorder lessons. In Key Stage 2, the children have the opportunity to learn string, brass and woodwind instruments through visiting teachers, initially in Year 3 as a whole class. From Year 4 children can choose to continue or extend their instrumental work with small group tuition, the cost of this service is shared by the school and the parent.


Our extra-curricular music clubs, school band and choir, include children from Key Stage 2 and perform at special events during the year.