School Logo

Vision and values


To be successful learners we aim to

  • Develop positive attitudes to the wider curriculum to include experiences within and beyond school
  • Become independent, motivated and have a desire to seek knowledge
  • Make good progress through setting and understanding goals and how to achieve them


To be confident individuals we aim to

  • Be happy and self assured, enjoying doing things we are good at and be prepared to take on new challenges
  • Be able to accept praise and use areas for development as steps to success
  • Work inquisitively alone, in pairs and groups


To be responsible citizens we aim to

  • Treat others as we would like to be treated, taking responsibility for our own actions and understanding our own and others’ feelings
  • See ourselves as part of a whole where we respect our own and one another’s opinions, values, beliefs, cultures and surroundings
  • Have a willingness to take on responsible roles and support others within our school and the wider community


These aims were developed by the whole school team through a series of stakeholder meetings and refer to the entire school community.