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Physical Education (PE)

Children at Scantabout are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate to the best of their ability in a wide variety of sports, games and physical activities. It is recognised that children are naturally enthusiastic about movement and we aim to develop this to enable them to become both skilful and creative.


PE lessons are held in the hall, on the netball court hard areas or on the playing field. In Key Stage 1, a programme of games, dance and gymnastic activities is planned. In Key Stage 2, the above programme is extended and arranged with the addition of athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and a course of swimming at Places Leisure Eastleigh.


A sports day is organized yearly for both key stages. We are particularly proud of the sporting achievements of our pupils; to this end we offer extra curricular activities to interested children. These are usually held after school and include Netball, Football, Athletics, Cricket and Tag Rugby clubs. Saints Football Club and Team Elite short tennis and basketball clubs have also been offered. In addition, we take the opportunity to enter children for various local sporting activities as they are arranged throughout the year such as league matches and competitive sports.